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    Geoff Scard

    Email me at if you would like to respond to my previous comments ! Cheers Geoff Scard

    Geoff Scard

    Man, a lot of water has gone under the proverbial bridge, but I have fond memory of Tony Troughton who really gave me a fantastic PA system.
    Designed by Altec Lansing Voice of the Theatre we copied the reflex bins with 2 by 15" Etones in each of the FOUR (yes Four) Speaker cabs and it was even borrowed and used by "Chain" in Melbourne when their Strauss PA "died" at 'Garrisons' in Prahan. My first Vase amp was a "Split Sound' covered in white vinyl, a very rare amp ! Then I had a Vase 150 watt Head driving Celestian speakers and it was an awesome sound. But the highlight has to be when we were in melbourne, and John Taylor used his own design a Hybrid 300 watt Vase head at Sunbury Rock Festival ! Bless you Tony Troughton, Cheers, Geoff Scard

    greg trennery

    Desperately seeking Vase 100watt guitar or bass head..or cabs - cheers


    Hi Ther Vase lovers! if anyone is after a 1960's genuine totally original Trendsetter 60 guitar amp with 2 212 matching cabs in perfect working condition then call me on name is jim and im@sunshine coast Qld. Photo's available.cheers

    pete Mills

    I picked up a VASE Trendsetter 40(ax7 preamp 6l6x2 power section )head. with light dependant resistor (LDR)tremolo .. It was a mid sixties version . The cabinet had THREE Etone 12 inch speakers . ceramic magnets . this amp was a beauty . I could NAIL Immigrant song by Led Zep , and the tremolo was perfect . for the part in that song which uses it .

    I loved the amp , but the wiring inside was a MESS visually . really sloppy , but the sound was as good as I have ever heard .

    I sold it and bought a 97 ac30 vox . Which is a better amp , but hey were talkin Brisbane in the sixties ,.. It is a colossal achievment that the vase amps were made at all . let alone made so well .

    Peter Mills AKA OSCAR "D"Johnson

    Rosco White

    Jeez, they're all coming out of the woodwork now!
    Geoff Scard - how yer doin'??!!!
    I remember very well often calling in to Tony's VASE factory in the good old (bad old?) days when Dave Aust and Johnny Taylor (guitarist with Michael Turner In Session - remember them!) worked there.
    I'm not a musician but I do recall that Tony's amps were the Mutts Nuts amongst the cognoscenti!!!!


    i got some massive vase speakers sit shoulder height, there is 3 speakers in each case. any info on these? they sound pro, some one has bolted a tweater to the top of them. are these things special i got them for free.

    Steven Michael

    Hi , I have found this site and just wanted to say that I have a Trendsetter 60 head with 4*12 quad box which I have owned for the last 20 years. It was used extensively with my band in high school and when all the other amps blew up or gave up the Vase came through all the time. Our old band recently got together for a 'revival' and the Vase still sounded as raw and punchy as it always had.As I am still gigging full time the Vase came with me that night to the function I was playing at and I had to stop myself from just looking at the amp after each song on guitar at just how amazing the sound was! I now try to find the room in the van to bring the Vase as often as I can as the modern smaller amp I use just isn't the same.I could never part with my EH panelvan or my Vase, they sure did things right in the 60's.


    hi i have an extremely large vase box..stands 5 and a bit foot high/covered in black vynal and couple foot wide..has huge handles to move it on its sides.and a black speaker cloth on the has a pair of 16 ohm 18 inch speakers in celestion 18' and an etone 18'.im imagining its from a bass rig..the bloke i bought it from 20 years ago said it was from his bass rig..and backed sabbath at festival hall in 1980..and that geezer butler had played thru it as was to heavy to im told..and buy several people..

    Tony Troughton

    Hi guy's my name is Tony Troughton I'm Andy's (Tony Troughtons) grandson just a quick message of thank's for bringing back a legendary line of amp's my grandfather though modest(ha) would be proud to know that the amp's he built back in the 50's,60's and 70's would be respected with such vigour.If anybody is interested in his background a book titled "It was only rock and roll but they loved it" a history on the early brisbane rock scene is available and is a great read.Hope anybody that has the ball's to buy home grown equipment loves the outstanding quality as much as myself and many other's , thank's for beleiving in his vision and brilliance cheer's ,Tony.


    I am a ballarat musician, and i use a v.a.s.e trendsetter 60. I love this amp.
    If anyone wants to get rid of any vintage v.a.s.e amps.
    you can contact me at my bands myspace page. www.myspace/sexfacemusic


    Lots of excitement going on about the new Vase products. As one of the 1st purchasers I thought I'd make a quick note about things. I run a backline hire business in Brisbane. I have 2 new Vase 8x10 passive bass cabinets. My opinion is they fanbloodytastic.

    The obvious comparison is Ampeg. The new Vases leave them 10 miles behind, both in quality of build/finish, and sound. In 2 months I've had about 150 bassists drive these cabs really hard without a single negative comment, and many positive ones.

    I think Gra, Harry & co have hit the nail right on the head with these. I'm looking forward to more product to add my inventory.

    PITT, GBH Stage Equipment


    Hey, just got my paws on a "Trendsetter 60" and cab, but the valves need replacing, so I have not yet had the pleasure of hearing the sweet tone of this acclaimed amp as yet. Though I will add, I ran my make-shift Marshall valvestate head (was a combo) through the cab and WOW, the difference it makes compared to the 1yr old celestion cab I already owned! I can't wait to hear what the Head will sound like through its partner in crime!(cab)
    Any suggestions who to go to for servicing/repairs in Brisbane...skilled yet affordable??


    Hi Geoff

    Yes combo units are planned. Drop a line with that enquiry to


    Geoff Scard

    I would be most interested in seeing specs on a Vase 50 watt Guitar amp. Is there a Combo ?

    Cheers, Geoff Scard


    G'day Paul
    I am looking for a vase head and speaker box.
    I missed one in Melb early 2006.
    It was in pristene cond.
    I do not recall the model but I have a pic of it.
    Could you advise me your email address and I will send the pic.
    I would be interested in knowing if you will be building this model
    Kindest regards


    Can you guys help me with info on what valves should be in the Trendsetter 120? Mine has kt88's and I think 12ax7's? Would love to know what they should be so i can get new valves as these are over 20 years old!
    thanks guys.. looking forward to seeing the gear.

    Graeme Whitehouse

    Hi there VASE fans. For anyone chasing some circuit assistance we may be able to help. There's not actually a collection of schematics for us to distribute but we can probably answer most questions providing you are patient and try to accompany your question with some digital photos of the circuit area concerned. email your questions to -

    We're also interested in any photo's or info you may want to share with us about your VASE amps, the more info the better.

    Cheers, Gra.


    Hey Paul, I've just had the pleasure of touring with the Trendsetter 100 and quad box. Absolutely phenomenal. Silken, warm tones with plenty of grunt and clarity. An instrument in itself. Well done for bringing such a quality amp back onto the market. Can't wait to hear the 50! Thanks Paul, Harry and all involved.
    Shannon Sol Carroll
    Band of Frequencies.
    Afro Dizzi Act.


    Great to hear from you Charles. That 120 is one hell of an amp. You may just get your wish with the 50 watt-er next year. Watch this space.


    I have a Trendsetter 120 with reverb...Coolest thing in the universe I'm sure.
    Loud as hell too.
    Good to see them come back.
    If only I can talk the wife in to letting me get a 50 watter....


    Gday folks
    I have procurred a Vase Trensetter 50 which I wish to rebuild, it is quite sad, any clues on where I can score a circuit diagram please, I also want to try and sort the impedance taps on the speaker tranny
    thanks for any help

    Ian Wettenhall

    I am a Vase user based in Melbourne.(Dynabase 50)
    Was wondering if you gents will be selling bass cabs / badges ect as parts?
    I heard rumours of the gear being made again.
    One of my customers John Taylor of Gippsland Audio Visual used to work at the Vase factory.

    Have had a long time respect for the amps as they are built to military spec and sound great!

    Wow! Would have loved to have seen a reformed Purple Hearts (Sunshine labels finest!).
    Lobby throught a Vase stack would be killer!


    Hi Mike. Thanks for those comments. I'll post some more on developments shortly. You can be sure the 'new' VASE units will be extremely high quality and true to the originals in terms of tone and power.



    mike naysmith, N.Z.

    Hi Vase fans, I'm using a "Trendsetter 100" which I call the marshall crusher. The power of these amps is awesome and tone wise I can get anything from a fender twin to a marshall stack(both of which I've owned)with ease.Amps come and go but the Vase is the one amp you hang on to! And a great looking amp too. Obviously quality all the way;inside and out. When you've got a Vase, you don't want anything else. And these days of clones and plastic, it's just nice to know you're dealing with the real deal.
    All the best in your endeavours and I will keep a keen watch on developments.

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