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    I was wondering if there was still no release date yet on the reunion dvd?


    Great guitar Andrew.I'm a bit partial to a white guitar. My last two have been Gretsch White Falcon and a white teardrop Vox six string (Brian Jones model). Had it shipped out from the States a few years ago. Great sound.

    Andrew Ainsworth


    Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I have seen the photos.

    Just recently I have bought myself a 1962 reissue Fender Jaguar in Olympic White. This is the same guitar that Lobby used from his 'Arts days to Sunbury in the early 70's.



    Hi Andrew

    The DVD hasn't been released yet. I'll announce on this blog when it is out - a bit later this year we expect. Yes, the shows were great. You've probably seen some of my shots from the Waterloo Hotel show on the blog.

    Andrew Ainsworth

    I have just read your article & was wondering how do I go about getting the DVD. I was at the Trabadour show & got the bands autographs. A splendid night.


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