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    Your comments are very sound. Not sure about the quotes because it's been a long time since I saw the film, but your observation on the futility of war is spot on.

    I was fortunate to know one of the original Anzacs. He was my best friend's grandfather and would have been about 19 or 20 when he landed with the first wave on 25 April 1915. He later went to the Western Front, lost an arm and won the Military Cross. When I knew him he was a gentle old man who spoke quietly and never mentioned the war. Most old diggers I've met loved their mates and hated war. They saw first hand how much it stripped away and how little it gave back.


    Call me a stickler for quotes but it was..

    "What are your legs?"
    "Springs! Steel springs!"
    "What are they going to do?"
    "Hurl me down the track!"
    "how fast can ya run?"
    "as fast as a leopard"
    "how fast are ya gonna run?"

    It was stridently anti-war and was deliberately vainglorious in its representation of the events. The 'heroism' aspect was rendered so thick in order to juxtapose the traditional 'war hero' mindset with the ultimate futility of the whole catastrophe. Glorification of war and ‘lest we forget’ are the antithesis of each other; this was one of *the* overriding themes of the film.

    The Heretik

    Nicely done, Paul. Was it Peter Weir did the film Gallipoli , back when Gibson Mel was so very young? Damning indictment of Churchill. And then was those men, boys, and the old guy commander go over the top . . .. powerful stuff. . . . and I have never forgotten the line of the one character, the runner. Think he repeats it as he goes over the top. . . .How are you going to run? Like a lion. How are you going to run? Like a lion. And then the shots. One of the most poignant testaments to heroism and despair of war ever. Well done.

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