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    Our happiness is our responsibility as hard as that is for most people to contemplate and believe it is true. What separates those that achieve all or most of they want and desire including happiness from those that do not is fear. Fear is an immobilizer and when coupled with toxic belief systems of unworthiness, which many hold secretly, can become an insidious hindrance and erosion to ones accomplishments, goals and self-esteem. It is not that those that manage to attain all that they want is more worthy than those who do not it is simply that they have not, will not and do not allow fear to direct & misdirect there course and steer them off their path. The other simple yet complex part of it is that “they” no matter the challenge or obstacle believe to their core that they are worthy and can and will achieve anything. The fact of the matter is we do not become what we fear; we become what we believe. As you stated part of the solution is self-reflection. It also calls for a closer examination of ones core belief systems about who we are and what we truly deserve with a steadfast determination to root out any and all toxic believes that is poisonous to the psyche that hinders ones path to greatness.

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