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    Oh COME ON. The Lute Player? She's an absolute monster. I'd go out with the Little Mermaid from the Disney film, but only if she had legs.


    I particularly like this one...
    "Money sufficient to forget one needs it."
    That way we could naturally turn to concentrating on keeping friends and family feeling wanted/needed/loved... and having heaps of fun and adventures together.


    Thanks Sheryl

    Yes, unfortunately today I think safe passage is destined to remain a dream, but then again throughout recorded history it probably has always been so.

    The bee is a very ancient symbol associated with mysteries of nature and science. It was used by many ancient societies to signify industry, bounty, collective wisdom and devotion. In the case I mention, the Merovingian kings of Southern France use the bee extensively as a royal symbol. They of course have been connected to the stories of the Magdalen coming to France and the creation of a bloodline that led to the Crusades, the Templars and beyond. Quite romantic speculation.

    When the burial mound of Dagobert II was opened it was found to contain a number of beautiful golden bees – powerful magical symbols. When Napoleon was crowned Emperor he had these golden bees sewn on to his Imperial purple cloak to signify his link to these semi divine kings.


    Yes...almost as you have listed except make my painting Carrivagio's 'The Lute Player'. Safe passage is a wonderous dream, no?
    Your talisman is intriguing...

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