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    An interest group for record collectors and dealers alike to get together and discuss anything related to this very popular hobby.

    All are welcome !!!!


    mmm... interesting scenario Mike. Now in this hypothetical situation, could the vinyl albums left on the back seat of the pink Vauxhall possibly be rare Steeleye Span albums? I hear they melt best of all. Now that would be a strange piece of art - almost poetic.


    Here is an additional senario for the story:

    The vynls are left in the back seat of a mate's car in summer ... the car a pink vauxhall...

    Sounds far fetched and bit Monthy P but life is strange than art.


    Thanks Jean. I'm glad we both were so hip and groovy at that age. BTW I remember seeing Rick Springfield play with the Zoot (his first big band) in about 1969 or 70. Zoot was one of the big Austraian bands at the time and also contained Beeb Birtles on bass (later with the Little River Band). From memory they all wore pink satin jumpsuits. Roger Hicks who was Zoot's guitarist jumped ship to join Brisbane's Avengers (my favourite local band). Rick Springfield was playing in Brisbane in Wickety Wak and both the Avengers and the Valentines (which included Bon Scott also in satin) wanted him but eventually when Hicks came to Brisbane , Springfield joined the Zoot Ahh.. the Brisbane music scene in the late sixties .. read it and weep ...


    oooh, no it wasn't, i must have been subconsciously trying to make myself cool. It was Keep on Dancin' 84 - remember those trashy repackaged Top 40 compilations? That Rick Springfield, what a spunk...


    I love that story - I recognize myself in your terror of the Shop Lady; for the record, the first record I ever bought all by myself was a Violent Femmes album that i saved up for months to by at $8 or so (the one with the guy wearing a fish on his arm on the cover - gross)

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