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    u're getting better!


    Thanks for that info Larry. I'll certainly be on the lookout for the burgundy mist. Previously I used Bordeaux by Mont Blanc. My local pen shop here in Brisbane is no longer importing Herbin so when I run out of my current stash I'll have to look for another supplier. Maybe buy it across the web and have it shipped.
    Cheers Paul


    Actually, J.Herbin company started out making sealing wax. It wasn't until 1700 that they were making ink. Still, over 300 years, they are the oldest company continuously making ink. I have enjoyed using a number of their inks over the years.

    Recently I have tried the Private Reserve inks; copper burst, sherwood green and burgundy mist. They all flow beautifully and if you like a warm ink but still having strength to the colour I would suggest trying the burgundy mist. It has become my favourite followed closely by the sherwood green.

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